Saturday School at Civic House: RISOTTO




Saturday, 11th May, 2019


3 – 6.30 PM


Participants to RISOTTO’s POSTER CLUB workshops will experiment with graphics and patterns and collaborate to create 8 different artworks that will be exposed on 8 different drums.

We will be plugging the drums in to the machine one after the other and the attendees will have a chance to print them all on different colour papers. This will allow them to overlay the patterns and graphics, thus experimenting with the riso process, the translucent quality of the inks and the joys of overlaying different colours.

Participants will leave with an extensive bundle of experimental and colourful prints.

****PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is located on the 1st floor which is only accessible via stairs. If you have any questions or queries about accessibility please get in touch –****

Saturday School is a day of creative workshops.

Every month, we will fill the spaces of Civic House with workshops led by practitioners working across mixed disciplines. Our aim is to create a stimulating environment for testing new ideas, learning through making and sharing skills and knowledge. 

Spend the day developing a new skill, exploring a practice or learning about new topics and subjects. Then, from 7pm share a meal with everyone who’s taken part in the workshops served by the Civic House Kitchen team.

From 8pm onwards, Civic House will host AFTER SCHOOL CLUB, an evening of performances and live music with HEALTHY and friends. These evening events are free for workshop participants and open to the public.


Just you, and something to take your prints home with!


Civic House
26 Civic St,
Glasgow G4 9RH, UK


*You'll be directed to the RISOTTO SHOP to purchase your workshop ticket.