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RISOTTO is a risograph print and design specialist based in Glasgow.

Masters of the A3, we regularly produce vibrant prints for a range of clients, from leading arts organisations to bands and brands, quickly, creatively and sustainably.

So, whether you're looking to print an art edition, master a technical print challenge, or just get you posters pimped up - get in touch!

We print 3 times a week, and ship internationally. The Risograph looks like a photocopier and moves as fast as one, but works as an A3 screenprinter; using rich spot colours and stencils to create tactile and vibrant prints, affordably and with little impact to our environment.

No job is too small, and the process is becoming increasingly popular for art editions, posters and promotional material due to its unique aesthetic, unrivalled speed and affordability.
If A3 isn't your last stop, we do offer some finishes, such as basic folding and trimming, but for larger jobs or publications, we can recommend local service providers, where it's over to you to out-source.
Riso printing in itself is a highly energy efficient and sustainable printing choice, making for an ethical product, unmatched by other print methods. The machine consumes little energy, and prints with soy based (non-toxic) inks, with stencils made from plant fibres. Unlike litho printing, it only takes a single print for the stencil to be fully inked and ready to print.
RISO inks are soy based and have a translucent quality. This means that the tones can vary according to the paper they're printed on, and overlaying multiple colours can produce a much broader palette. All inks are unique to the riso process and the printed result of the colours cannot be fully represented digitally (especially our fluro inks!). Swatches are sent out regularly, as it is important that customers can see and feel the quality in the flesh before they hit print.

We stock a variety of un-coated house papers in varying weights, whites & colours!

If you have a particular request, you're also welcome to bring/deliver your own. Papers should be supplied at A3, un-coated and between 80 - 250gsm. Remember, we need 10% extra as some sheets will get spoilt in the process.

Most jobs will incur the standard 20% VAT charge. If your project can be described as one of the following it's likely to be liable for VAT: a set of posters, stationery, a calendar, a collection of photos, illustrations, wrapping paper.

For all printing enquiries please email info@risottostudio.com