Our samples are back in action!

Your pack will include a basic print guide, giving you an initial run down of how to set-up your artwork for print, as well as artwork examples of photography, ‘CMYK’ separations, duotones, textures and graphic effects.

The latest ink swatches will be included, as well as the multi-coloured overlay chart, to show off blending potential when using 2 inks.

This pack is a great way to see the print results in the flesh, as well as the possibilities of printing with us .

We highly recommended ordering one if you’ve never printed with the riso before, as the printed results are unlike any other print method.

We’ve kept the price as low as we can, and the cost covers our materials, postage and processing fees. Because of this, orders are limited to one.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 100 × 210 × 2 mm