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This page contains useful information about RISOTTO and our products and services. Use the jump links below to find what you are looking for or if you need more help don't hesitate to CONTACT US.
  • What is Riso?
  • Riso is short for Risograph. It’s a Japanese printer/printing process that is similar to screen-printing, using rich spot colours and stencils to create tactile and vibrant prints, affordably and with little impact to our environment.
  • How much will it cost?
  • Prices start at £16 (This is for a one colour artwork, and one print on 100gsm paper).

    Costs can be broken down into three main sections: colour stencils used, prints, and paper.

    Like screenprinting, the initial set-up is where most of the production time is spent, and main cost is weighted. Therefore the most economical jobs are ones that use few colours/stencils but output high quantities, and the more expensive jobs involve many colour stencils, at a low print quantity.
  • How long will it take?
  • Riso printing can take more time than you’d imagine. It’s fast once things are set up and running smoothly, but unexpected issues (like technical failures or paper jamming) do happen, and slow everything down. Print checks, drying time and alignment are also important to us, so we take time to produce the best prints. As a basic rule, the number of colours being used = number of days to print.
  • Can I collect?
  • Yes! We’re in Glasgow, so if you’re local - get in touch to arrange the collection of your prints. We’ll let you know the hours we’ll be in that week for you to drop by.
  • Do you ship / post?
  • All the time. Most of our jobs are shipped all over the UK, and a quarter are international. We use trusted couriers, who offer affordable rates.
  • How will my work look in riso?
  • You can use our print simulator, or we can mock up your bespoke artwork digitally for you, but results can never be fully simulated - so take the plunge and see what happens once it's inked up on paper. Not everything is suited to the riso process, but if you’ve read our print bible, and your artwork has been prepared well - It rarely disappoints!
  • Can I Print 1?
  • Yes - this is no problem, although printing a few extra will not cost you much more.
  • Can I see samples?
  • Definitely - click here to order your sample pack, or check out our riso wall to see examples of almost every combination of inks and papers.
  • How do you work out the price?
  • Quotes are calculated first by the number of colours/stencils used, then with print quantity and paper selection added on the end. Like screenprinting, the initial set-up is where most of the production time is spent, and cost is weighted. The riso is designed to be a duplicator - so once the artwork is set up, it’s pennies per print.
  • Can I print my flyers/cards/business cards?
  • Yes, we have a super new guillotine, so we can trim everything in house for you. Email us at for a tailored quote! Or purchase our stationery bundles to get printing straight away.
  • Can I get a proof?
  • Due to the RISO process, proofs aren't common because most of the overall job cost is in the initial ’stencil making’ and set-up of the job. A proofing service therefore involves a fee of £10 per colour stencil tested. Please bare in mind this process will incur additional turnaround time, as the proofs will either be posted out to you, or a timetabled appointment will be set for you to come in to see the prints first hand. For very large or colour critical orders, we recommend opting for a printed proof, as this is the best way to ensure expected results.
  • How do I flatten my file?
  • There are different methods of doing this, but always make a backup copy of your file, so you can retain the layered one.

    If you’re using photoshop; Make sure that all the layers you want to keep are visible, then choose 'Layer > Flatten Image', or choose 'Flatten Image' from the Layers panel menu.

    For Acrobat 7; choose 'Advanced > PDF Optimizer’ and Click the 'Clean Up tab’. Select Remove Hidden Layers Content and Flatten Layers, and then click OK, and save the Optimized PDF.
  • How can I reduce my file size?
  • Make sure your PDF is set to greyscale. Flatten the artwork so no layers are involved. And finally, ensure the file size is set to the finished output size, and no larger.
  • How do I set up crop marks?
  • Depending on which software you are using, there are a few different options. We’ve created some tutorials on this, so join our club to get access to all this and more!
  • Do I need Bleed?
  • Not always. You only need to add bleed if the artwork is going to be trimmed, and has content running to the edge. Check out our tutorials to see how this is done.


  • All print work to be paid for before it leaves the studio unless otherwise agreed.
  • A confirmed job request will be taken as order confirmation.
  • Ordering prints or products from RISOTTO means that you have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions.
  • If a job is later cancelled by you, any costs, such as paper ordered in, incurred to us will be charged for.
  • Work over £1000 in value requires a 50% deposit before printing can commence.
  • You acknowledge that all details which you provide to us for the purpose of ordering goods are correct, that the credit or debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the order.
  • Please ask about turnaround times. They change depending on the time of year.
  • We accept no responsibility for missed deadlines if artwork is incorrectly submitted or needs to be amended.
  • RISOTTO reserves the right at any time to revise the price of items without notice.
  • All orders are subject to acceptance and availability.
  • RISOTTO Studio Ltd. reserves the rights to modify, alter, terminate or discontinue any discounts or promotions at any time for any reason whatsoever without notice.
  • You are responsible for making sure that artwork that you send to print is accurate and appropriate for publication and printing. Do not submit anything you know to be unlawful or harms the rights of others.
  • We will check the design and file set up to ensure your order is printable, although we do not monitor the content.
  • We cannot guarantee that paper quoted in initial email correspondence will be available immediately.
  • Every effort has been made to accurately display our products with the correct product information and colour, however we cannot guarantee that all monitor display accurate colours of the products when delivered as each monitor display differs.
  • All sizes and measurements are approximate. We do try to make sure these measurements are as accurate as possible, however we do advise customers to consult the sizing charts provided on the website. Please note that sizes may differ between some items.
  • We are unable to accept responsibility for work that is not collected within six weeks of completion.
  • We use the Royal Mail and couriers such as UPS and DPD for orders within the United Kingdom.
  • We will use the courier service requested upon booking of a job and we will insure it as appropriate. In the unlikely event of delay or loss in the post or by a courier, we will not be held liable under any circumstances for consequential loss resulting from third party actions but will always do our utmost to resolve any transit issues.
  • We aim to dispatch all orders (excluding out of stock items) within 3 working days of confirmation the funds for your order have been cleared.


    We have tried to give the best possible representation of our products on the site. Nearly all of our products are made or finished by hand, sometimes they may vary slightly from the images shown online and colours may vary. Please check dimensions carefully as the size may not always be clear from the images.


    RISOTTO Studio does not issue any refunds on orders once in production. Upon acceptance of this proposal, or any modification thereof, RISOTTO Studio will be entitled to recover all costs that it may incur.


    Payment is required before prints leave the studio.


    Quotes are valid for 30 days only.


    Files that require resubmission will be charged for additional prepress work at a prorated rate of £10 per colour screen.


    Any discrepancies between digital proof and final print are not guaranteed to match color or neutrality. If a digital proof is not provided, then we will be unable to monitor reproduction quality and will not be guaranteed to match, and RISOTTO will accept no liability for work which is not to our client's satisfaction.

    It is the client's responsibility to check artwork and proofs carefully. Any scheduling time lost to due to delays in responding to inquiries or proofing, from RISOTTO concerning an order will be the responsibility of the client. If a client asks any agent of RISOTTO to check a proof on their behalf, that client in doing so releases RISOTTO from any responsibility or liability arising from the presence of defects or errors in that proof. Requests for changes on an artwork arising from other than an error by RISOTTO will incur additional charges to cover labor, services, and materials.

    RISOTTO reserves the right to use the product as samples of its service, unless the client and company have signed a mutually binding non-disclosure agreement.

    Average turnaround time is approximately 2-4 working days from receipt of all finalized, print-ready files, and confirmation of print. Whereas every reasonable effort is made to meet our anticipated delivery dates, RISOTTO shall not have any liability for any damages, incurred cost, or loss of income sustained by any client due to delays in the production and delivery of their job by RISOTTO.

    Production does not commence until total job cost is confirmed are formally approved.
    Print products that are full bleed, or with imagery and/or text nearer than 4mm from the edge of the page, may result in shift or loss (this also applies to text on book spines). Heavy coverage of inks may result in smudging or ink transfer and cannot be guaranteed. RISOTTO does not guarantee the archivability of its products. Items exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, oil or dirt may damage. RISOTTO products are crafted by hand and variations will occur.

    Overage: A 10% difference is allowed on all printed goods. Overage and shortage will be handled on a proration basis only. Adjustments can be made to the completed order within 48 hours of delivery. Any order to be returned must be returned in full before any adjustments can be made. In case of printing error, RISOTTO reserves the right to reprint or grant full or partial refund as satisfaction. Matters of dispute will be settled in accordance with reasonable prevailing standards of the industry.

    [This policy was last updated on 03 June 2017]


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    We keep copies of all finished work printed on our machines for our archive. We would never sell or distribute this finished material, and is for internal reference only. During the print process, we generate various ‘mis-prints’, and regularly re-print onto these, which we finally recycle. Elements of your artwork may be featured as part of our own ‘RISOTTO’ products - primarily ‘Shuffle Notebooks’.

    Riso Wall Data

    Our Riso Wall page is a curated visual archive featuring print work from our customers and workshop attendees. This archive helps to showcase the multitude of techniques and creative possibilities riso printing can provide, as well as promote the incredible work of the artists and designers who use our print services.

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    Print Simulator

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    Riso Wall Artwork

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    [This policy was last updated on 23 May 2018]
    Due to the Covid19 restrictions, we currently aim to dispatch shop orders every Wednesday. UK Delivery times are usually 2 days, but these can vary depending on shipping address and respective delays. We do not make profit from our P&P, all prices are based on current Royal Mail/Courier guidelines. VAT is added onto the postage costs for UK & Europe. Consequently the amount seen on your parcel may differ from the amount you were charged. Charges are calculated automatically when you check out.

    If you have any questions about shipping, please email us at

    Please let us know if you haven’t received your order, and we can have a look into any issues form our end. Once your package has left the studio - we’re unable to fully manage the delivery, but can contact the courier company to help track your parcel.

    All prices are subject to change and we retain the right to adjust prices at any given moment. All prices, and shipping, include VAT at the current rate. UK VAT No. GB 217 1297 20
    We hope you love your RISOTTO purchase. However, if you are unsatisfied with it or you have just changed your mind please let us know immediately. We are happy to refund or replace unworn / unused items, returned in their original condition and packaging, within 30 days of dispatch. You must return the order to us, in its original condition, within 28 days in order to get an exchange or refund. Any returned items will be refunded immediately minus the cost of the initial postage fee.

    Sale items cannot be returned or refunded.

    Any faulty items must be returned to us before a replacement or refund is provided. We are unable to refund on any personalised items as it will not be possible for us to restock these. This excludes damaged items. If you do send items back then please use a secure postage method, so that you can trace where the package is. The item is your responsibility until we receive it. We do our best to photograph and present our products digitally for you to browse them as accurately as possible. The risograph's spot colours cannot be replicated on screen (especially the fluorescent inks) so please keep this in mind when selecting items. Message us if you have questions about a particular item, and we will be more than happy to help.
  • We use the Royal Mail and couriers such as UPS and DPD for orders within the United Kingdom.
  • We will use the courier service requested upon booking of a job and we will insure it as appropriate. In the unlikely event of delay or loss in the post or by a courier, we will not be held liable under any circumstances for consequential loss resulting from third party actions but will always do our utmost to
  • We aim to dispatch all orders (excluding out of stock items) within 3 working days of confirmation the funds for your order have been cleared.

  • Whereas every reasonable effort is made to meet our anticipated delivery dates, RISOTTO shall not have any liability for any damages, incurred cost, or loss of income sustained by any client due to delays in the production and delivery of their job by RISOTTO.


    RISOTTO Studio does not issue any refunds on orders once in production. Upon acceptance of this proposal, or any modification thereof, RISOTTO Studio will be entitled to recover all costs that it may incur.
    Any use of this website or its contents, including copying or storing it or them in whole or part, is prohibited without expressed written permission from RISOTTO Studio Ltd.

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    Under no circumstances can these images be used for any personal or commercial purposes without written consent from RISOTTO Studio Ltd.
    If you would like to stock our products, please get in touch and we'll send you our latest catalogue and price list.

    Please email us at
  • All Riso Club subscriptions run for 12 months. By purchasing a subscription you agree to pay the full amount due in either monthly instalments or one annual lump sum. (Monthly: 12x £6/£7/£8. Annual: 1x £60/£70/£80.)
  • At the end of the subscription period your subscription or membership will be automatically renewed for the following year unless you opt out by cancelling your membership.
  • If, for some reason, you wish or need to cancel your Riso Club subscription before the expiry date you should contact us in advance.
  • RISOTTO's exclusive resources will only be accessible to you for the duration of your active subscription. A Riso Club subscription does not grant lifetime access to RISOTTO's online materials.
  • You are responsible for keeping your account information up-to-date. Ensure your address details are accurate as we cannot repost or retrieve lost or wrongly delivered print subscriptions. You can manage your details on the My Account page
  • Reproducing, duplicating or redistributing RISOTTO or Riso Club content (ie. templates, scripts, tutorials or any other digital files) by any means is strictly prohibited. All content on RISOTTO Studio's website and provided by RISOTTO STUDIO Ltd via postal subscription or other means is Copyrighted to RISOTTO Studio Ltd unless stated otherwise.
  • If your recurring payment fails we will attempt to contact you using the details you provided at sign up to resolve your payment issue. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel you subscription until payment resumes. You can manage how you pay for your subscription by updating your details on the My Account page
  • RISOTTO Studio Ltd reserves the right to cancel individual subscriptions and cease providing Riso Club services at any time if we feel individuals are in breach of these Terms & Conditions or our Property & Copyright policy.
    RISOTTO HQ is a small operation that takes on bespoke print projects in the margins of our primary function as a reprographics service and stationery co. We strive to work efficiently, delivering a high quality service across all aspects of our work, and are therefore only able to take on a few bespoke jobs at a time, scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    For the time being, we have decided to stop taking any other appointments. We regularly receive requests to visit the studio (to see samples, demonstrations or to discuss a project) and currently don't have the capacity to offer this. We have worked hard to deliver an online resource that should cover every aspect of your enquiry, so we urge you to explore our archives and, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Email is always the best way to reach us, as we’re rarely by the phone. We do our best to get back to all inquiries in a prompt manner, but may be overwhelmed during busy spells.

    For all enquiries e-mail
    We'd hate to see you go but if you wish to delete your RISOTTO account you can request this using our dedicated Data Request Form:

    Data Request Form →