A mega thanks & your chance to feedback

Hello RISO Club members

This is a long overdue message to say two important things to you:

  1. Mega GIANT THANK YOU for being a RISO Club member 👋😄🙏
  2. Request YOUR FEEDBACK on the club membership to help me improve your experience 🌞🥳

The RISO Club was set up to showcase artists from all corners of the globe. Artists contribute artwork, I cover the labour, and your contribution feeds the production and postage costs.

For almost a year now, it’s just been me at the helm, and like many of us – there have been a wonderful splattering of challenges to navigate and learn from. Brexit and Covid just two of many! 

With over 320 subscribers and new logistical challenges on the horizon, I’m keen to review the Riso Club system, and make sure it’s properly set-up to give you the experience you want and to keep your post box active with colourful prints!

With this in mind, I have a quick set of questions I’d really value your answers on. Everyone who fills out the survey will be entered into a raffle, with the winners receiving two RISOTTO prints of their choice.

It means a lot to have you as a member; being part of the community and supporting the club! I hope you’re enjoying the variety of artworks, It’s always as much of a surprise for me to see the curated selection, and it’s always a joy to print them ☼

Let me know if you have any other questions or any specific issues regarding your membership 🙂