Magical Riso 2016 was the 2nd edition of the RISO biennial at the Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht.

This seminar provided a platform for artists and printers from around the world to discuss about the Risograph printing process and to share their work and experiments.

MAGICAL RISO Seminar Speakers included:

Color Library – Switzerland

Colour Code Printing – Canada

Corners – South Korea

Endless Editions – United States

Inuit Bookshop – Italy

Meli-Melo Press – Brazil

Pegacorn Press – United States

RISOTTO Studio – Scotland

The Ventriloquist Press – Norway

Wobby Club – Netherlands


There was a great display of riso guides, collected by We Make It, Berlin.  A shop selling an amazing mix of riso publications, print and stationery.

And a raffle where two lucky ladies won themselves a riso MZ 770 + drums!

Prior to the weekend, there was a workshop week based out of the Charles Nypels Lab, where six unique pairings of ‘artist + printer’ were teamed up. Each worked together to produce a section of a publication that will be made at the end of the project. The book was inspired by Willem Sandberg’s Quadrat-Prints NU; a series of print experiments over fields of graphic design, plastic arts, literature, architecture and music.

These were never intended to be sold, and were presented as gifts to clients and friends of the printer, Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co. and issued in limited editions of 2,000 copies.

We have just received our very own copy of the book produced as part of Magical riso 2016.

Workshop participants: Colour Code Printing and Publishing – Canada Corners – South Korea Inuit Bookshop – Italy Meli-Melo Press – Brazil Issue Press – United States Knust Press – Netherlands Charlott Markus – Sweden Hezin O – South Korea Iván Martínez López – Mexico Katrin Kamrau – Germany Miek Zwamborn – Netherlands Simon Wald-Lasowski – Netherlands